How To Check Website Traffic

How To Check Traffic


You run a website or blog, and you want to know just how many times it is actually views. Perhaps you are trying to get new clients or fans, or maybe you are curious whether your content is popular. Regardless of the reason of checking site traffic, there are several steps that you can take to do exactly that, with some being a bit more technical compared to others. Here are some of the top ways of checking how much traffic your website is getting:

Checking with is a reliable way of checking just how much your traffic gets. Here is how you should go about it:

  1. Go to, and you will find the simplest website currently available for traffic monitoring. Once you are there,  click on Website Traffic Statistics located at the bottom part of the webpage. It will read “Enter A Site.”
  2. Just type the URL to your website and then click Go to search for information regarding your website. You will be directed to a different screen with relevant traffic data about your website. The major informative free categories that you can check out include:
  • U.S rank
  • Global rank
  • Daily time users spend on your sight
  • Daily webpage views

Using correctly makes analyzing traffic data very easily. It also shows you what your competition is doing to get good ranking on search engine results. Here is how you can use to your advantage:

  1. Go to and type in your URL or the specific keyword you want to search.
  2. Choose the relevant database icon that you want and then just click Go.
  3. The results will then be shown in the main menu, and you can even export them and save them onto your desktop.
  4. Some of the useful metrics you can get from the site include:
  • Keywords
  • Traffic
  • Cost
  • Semrush rank
  1. Using this information you can either:
  • Optimize your own pages to use the most searched keywords, or
  • Ignore the keywords, and look for new keywords that your competitors are not using.

Social media

Social media is another effective tool of not only checking your traffic, but also monitoring your competitors. However, you should know that this method only works if you are using shorter URL’s from Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the link that has been shared on social media using
  2. Copy that short URL.
  3. Create your own account on and log in.
  4. Once you have logged in just paste the copied URL and then click “View stats”.
  5. The results will show the total amount of clicks that link has received.
  6. You can even get more details about which social networks the link got the highest interactions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a highly accurate method of monitoring your web traffic. This tool will give you crucial metrics about your site, such as average amount of views, time on website and so much more. Here is how to use Google Analytics.

  1. Go to and click the square found on the right side of your screen. Scroll to more and click to get all Google’s products. From the various products, choose Adwords.
  2. You will need to sign into Google to be able to use this tool.
  3. If you are new to Adwords, just click Start Now, and you will be given simple instructions on what you need to do.
  4. To check your site traffic, just key in your URL and Google will give you the results with some offered suggestions.
  5. However, you will need to register first to access your results. As soon as you have finished answering all the questions regarding your website and interests, you will be taken to where the statistics and metrics of your website are.

There is also a free version of Google Analytics called Google Trends that you can use for measuring your web traffic.

  1. Search for Google trends
  2. Once you have found, it fill in your web address and click search in the search bar.
  3. You will get statistics related to your website, which include:
  • A couple of categories showing your website’s global and regional performance over a certain amount of time.
  • A category showing related searches.

Using the above methods you can know who exactly is viewing your website, their location and which pages they like viewing on your site. This will help your determine how effective your site is in reaching the target audience. Monitoring web traffic is, therefore, crucial for enhancing your revenue by monitoring the behaviors and habits of your clients. Using this information you can customize your efforts and thus maximize your productivity. For instance, enhancing content that people like on your website and removing things that are not as productive or do not work.

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