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Google Analtics Tutorial

A very common question that I have come across every day, either in the social media platforms, or the forums is “how to get insights about the Google Analytics data?” it is a fact that many people have a strong analytic account for years but does not have the correct approach. It must be very well understood that Google Analytics is not a tool to access only the number of the page of views and the number of visitors to the site. This is rather a powerful web analytics tool that has the power to leverage and have deeper insights in your website.

Hence there are certain tricks that are available to have deeper insights into your website. These are the following:


The Goals:

The first and the foremost usage of the analytics system is the setting up if the goals, something that is a straightforward process, which is actually neglected by the most of the people. In fact, the goals that are being set up for the website are actually working as the foundation of the website analysis, as everything that is necessary gravitates around the goals and the conversion rates. These goals can ultimately categorize as the business goals.

Indeed these goals are more useful if your site is an e-commerce website, as then you can have more detailed business objectives.

The Webmaster Tool Account:

Webmaster Tool

This is another free tool from Google, which allows you to see the data of your website. There are many things that need to be watched for. Among them some are:

  • Impression on the search queries
  • Their position in Google
  • Number of links to the website
  • Crawling of the website

Hence you can have a detailed performance of your website. Account queries, landing pages, and geographical summaries are all part of the Google webmaster tool and access to new search engine optimization reports.

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The Site Speed:

Site Speed

Site speed is another feature of the Google Analytics system, to see the time consumed while loading the page of your website. This feature is unknown to most. However, this is one of the most important features of all. This will help you determine which the pages that need your attention are and hence you can determine various ways to look for speeding up the load time.

A very important fact is that the load time of the pages of your website decides on the visitor’s experience and improves it as well.

Enabling the Site Search:

Webmaster Site Search

It is a general fact that visitors who use the search box on your site are more likely to get converted to leads than the one who does not. The reason behind this is that those people are more involved with your site and the content of the same.

The most useful thing about this site search is that it lets you discover the exact keywords, that your visitors may use o search for the products and the services. These on the further note can be used by you to improve your optimization techniques.

These are some of the most important features that a Google Analytics comprises of, some of the other in this same genre are:

  • Track Events
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Multi-Channel Funnels
  • Campaign Tracking

Hence, it can be concluded that there are many important features of this process that can be used and made a complete analysis of your website.

Video Tutorial:

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