5 SEO Tips for a New Website Launch


Whether you are an aspiring new company backed by billionaire investors, or a webmaster looking to establish their new niche site, the launch of your website will be one of your most important initial steps. If you can cement a solid start, there’s every chance that you will start to make people sit up and notice your brand and that should have a knock-on effect when it comes to search engine rankings.

Of course, different start-ups will require different strategies, and if we compare the example of that young, potentially multi-million pound company to the simple niche website, the approaches are going to be quite different. However, for most small businesses and webmasters the following tips are applicable and will help you build a solid foundation from a search engine optimization perspective.

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Tell the world; write a press release

The voice of Google, Matt Cutts, has recently confirmed that press releases won’t directly benefit you from an SEO perspective. By that, it’s assumed that simply paying the premium for a press release service isn’t going to be sufficient and you will have to tailor your approach to the niche your business is based in. For example, the automatic submission press release services are unlikely to reap in many valuable backlinks, but if local magazines manage to get wind of your service, you may pick up some very good link juice.

Gain contacts; set up your social networks

With social media threatening to take over SEO in some regards, it’s absolutely crucial to get your networks organized. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the main ones to concentrate on, and if you can start to liaise with other businesses and publications in your field, you are only going to see the benefits. Even if you happen to disagree with one of your peers, the potential for backlinks following social media exposure is immense.

Get writing; go for guest posts

Guest posting has been one of the most up-and-coming methods of SEO for the last couple of years and while Google has indicated that it is going to start cracking down on abuse of the practice if you can perform it shrewdly you will be at an advantage. A lot of webmasters are starting to post on other blogs before their site even launches, in a bid to drum up momentum and a buzz around their new brand. If you can also manage to link your Google+ account with your articles on other blogs, you might be able to benefit in the future from the much-anticipated authorship factor that Google is seemingly going to implement.

Take local searches by storm; register your business

It doesn’t matter if you are a marketing agency Suffolk has, or a plumber in Yorkshire – local SEO can be a great aid to all industries. Those elusive results at the top of some of the SERPS are all there because businesses registered themselves with Google and if you can do this, you’ve already started optimizing for local SEO. Admittedly, you’re not going to fly straight to the top of the listings immediately, but over time the SEO practices you apply should be able to benefit your local rankings as well.

Get your analysis in order; install a statistics program

This is one of the most simplest, but effective tips that should be initiated upon a launch. With Google Analytics being completely free to utilize, there’s absolutely no excuse for not installing a decent statistics program. By doing this, you will start to learn how people are using your website and how your site is responding in the search engines. By knowing this, you should start to understand how you can improve.

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