Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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A Disaster Can Ruin Your Online Reputation

Recently around the areas of Montreal where this removing complaints from Google company operates, there has been many problems with flooding. These flooding issues have been affecting tons of families, businesses and even government owned facilities such as educational centers.

With everything going on and some of these companies being international organizations, they are unable to attend work since there is flooding surrounding their buildings therefore most of the businesses operations will be put on hold. Although the local customers will understand why the organizations are unable to operate, most international customers will not therefore may be currently writing negative reviews about the company for being unresponsive and so on. In situations like this, this is when an online reputation management needs to step in to help these organizations from losing even more money due to all the issues related to the flood in Montreal.

The removing complaints from Google company knew that they needed to help those in the area therefore on Monday, they went out to help the community by filling sandbags where it was needed most around the area. Families are struggling that a local shopping mall Fairview has been provided them with food since many of them are unable to get to their homes and have been sleeping at relatives or friends houses. The Canadian Army has even been called in to help those still in major distress due to the flooding yet things don’t seem to be getting better. Montreal declared a state if emergency as the flooding takes over the city and this is why companies are suffering so much lately. It has taken a huge toll on businesses in the city and in areas where the flooding is even worse. Some of the cities have also been evacuated due to these major conditions.