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All You Needed To Know About Ios Static Code Analysis

In the development phase of any web or mobile application, testing is always needed to ensure that the applications in question are running smoothly and properly without bugs. The worst thing that could happen is you release a software or an application and find that it’s not working properly as you expected it too. This is why applications go through rigorous testing even before it hits Quality Assurance. From there it is tested even more just to make sure all the bugs and kinks are worked out. And even then you might still end up with some problems in the application.

With so much code put into any software or application, it is difficult to see how things work out just by simply running it. You need to check every functionality and how it interacts with other functions of your application. Which is why testing is so important to ensure the integrity of the software and that it runs the way it is supposed to run. There are many static code analysis tools out there that cover a multitude of programming languages, which even include a PHP malicious code scanner.

What is Static Code Analysis?

What exactly is a Static Code Analysis? Well static code analysis is a process of analyzing any kind of computer software and its code without actually executing any programs. It just simply looks at the code and sees if they are all correct and identifies any codes that may need fixing or changing. This is different from dynamic code analysis, where the code of the software is checked by executing or performing actions with the program through simulation.

As mentioned static code analysis is done through a variety of programming languages which include but are not limited to:

  • .Net
  • Ada
  • C, C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • PL/SQL
  • Python
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails
  • iOS and Android

iOS today is one of the most popular platforms for online, web and mobile applications. Millions of people own Macbooks, iPhone,s and iPads so it’s no surprise that there are a great number of developers that specialize in the development of iOS compatible applications. As a greater number of people have an Apple device, only a fool will believe that nothing can go wrong with applications developed through the iOS platform. This is why an iOS static code analysis is important.

An iOS static code analysis works just like any kind of static code analysis that you may run on other web applications except this specifically works for iOS. It will analyze the code you write for an iOS software application and see if there is any incorrect code that needs to be fixed so that the program can run smoothly. If this is not done, your program might have bugs which will cause it to not run properly.

It is best that during the development phase and the application testing phase, that there be some sort of application testing. Sites like offer their services up for testing as well. Remember a healthy business is a productive business.