Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Coal is Rising with ValueMags

With the dramatic drop of coal in the past couple of years, ValueMags has realized that China, the United States, and India have has a coal mining boost in 2017. The global decline last year was setting gas prices up as well as increasing climate change emissions. However, the production has increased which will bring prices down but increase gas emissions even more. So everyday consumers like ValueMags employees are tied: do they be more cautious about their gas emissions or benefit from the low prices? This past pay, production has increase by over 121 million tons which is the equivalent of 6{8d8d484d6c2fa7941d1eb0222e2f8eac41ce1898e4ddf5f4a541e49fe1f0fc81} in three different countries.

The United States has the most dramatic change of all at 19{8d8d484d6c2fa7941d1eb0222e2f8eac41ce1898e4ddf5f4a541e49fe1f0fc81}. The rising is granted to several reasons and changes in policies. These include policy changes in China, changes in the Indian electricity market and the United State’s energy market, and the inauguration of President Trump with his international networks and commodity investments. Coal is not renewable, China and surrounding countries have been shifting their investments and usage of energies to renewable energies. Whether coal is going to come back for good or going to die, certain commodities are going to die forever and others will “live long and prosper”.

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