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Four Reasons Why EPoS Solutions Will Help Maximise A Small Business’ Profits

EPOS Solutions

Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) technology has never been more advanced and economical for the modern retailer. In this article, we are going to give you four reasons why every small business needs EPoS Solutions to simplify their operations and maximise profitability.

Streamline Your Checkout Procedure

EPOS Solutions can significantly improve the experience your customers have when they check out at your store; this can be achieved in 3 ways:

*   Scanning products that have barcodes will enable the transaction to be much faster, speeding up the whole procedure and reducing queuing time.

*   Decrease the chance of human error from mechanical inputting of product details and the need for repayments after a transaction.

*    Stock control systems can record customer information which can then be used for inventory control purposes and developing targeted advertising campaigns.

Ensure Price Integrity

Uploading your products onto an EPoS system means that when a product cost is changed by you on the system, it is automatically updated across all store locations. Some EPOS Solutions will even incorporate on-line shopping price integrity functions, meaning that your online costs may be upgraded in the similar time as your in-store products.

Customers greatly favour pricing uniformity. Thus you can make certain you’re offering continuity across all platforms of sale by having a focused price control operation. Figuring out what price is best for your customers while still giving you an attractive profit margin is imperative for any business. Being in control of your sales and stock information (that will we cover later) will help you maintain price integrity to be competitive in the marketplace.

Maintain Balance In Your Stock Holding

In a perfect world your held stock should balance with your sales information; but thanks to human error, discrepancies can happen. Having an EPoS solution in place as well as maintaining accurate inventory control operations, can alter all of this as your stock will be aligned to your sales in real time. This has three primary advantages:

    *  When sales are made, stock levels are automatically corrected.

    *  Reduces the chance the human mistake, as well as the dependence on manual stock-takes.

    *  Even a 1{8d8d484d6c2fa7941d1eb0222e2f8eac41ce1898e4ddf5f4a541e49fe1f0fc81} margin of error could cost your business thousand of pounds in the length of a year.

Stock data provided by your EPOS system will help you identify important sales routines. You have to know what products are selling to be prepared for the increased demand. Applications integrated with accounting software can save you more time on fiscal direction.

Minimise Your Losses

Unfortunately, business losses happen as a result of employees incorrectly using the retail system, whether it be by accident or on purpose for private gain. EPOS Solution technology monitors products from purchase to sale, which means that you can more readily identify where the losses may be happening; this might let you set added security measures in position to counter potential misuse.

Wish to see what’s selling, what is not selling and what your peak sales periods are? Each one of these functions and more can be found at the touch of the button. 3R Telecom EPoS Solutions will reduce the probability of error and saves countless working hours.