Guest Blogging and SEO: What You Should Know


When coming up with the best methods to market share and promote your content online, every SEO expert and marketing guru are unanimous in their opinion that blogging gets the job done. Too diverse, too well rounded and too multifaceted; it helps you engage with your audience in a more content centered and more user-friendly manner. This means that you deliver information on the basis of it’s valued to the consumer or the user in mind and not merely to just get your ranks up.

Guest Blogging, therefore, has come a long way. I see the popular bloggers around me, and all of them increase their own viewership by reaching out to competitors and writing for them too. Now as far as this entire niche writing is concerned that is where guest blogging can really help you set yourselves up with writers, build relations but most of all reach out to a more diversified crowd.

See with creating a website for a particular business, and you cater that product or service to a particular persona and layout your website’s design accordingly. Your audience is kind of set, so your readership is more narrow in terms who reads your blogs. Guest Blogging is the most economical way of expanding that without needing to grow your business or bringing in complex features.


“We always talk about evergreen content and why it is important. There is no problem with undying topics, and every brand should actually spend their time and money on creating such content. This piece by Jon Cooper is the finest example of everlasting content.

Although, evergreen content is important, fundamental and a real need for brands who want to stay longer in the digital marketing world, but today we are not here to discuss this but instead we are going to discuss more about seasonal content.” Moosa Hemani

Moosa’s insight is more ingrained with how quality content is becoming less market and niche-driven and more generic. Seasonal content is one thing businesses should know about because there are literally all sorts of market occasions when things are more likely to be sold. The idea of creating an optimized marketing plan for your business, therefore, is something which you arrive at by looking at the marketing trends aka the seasonal trends. So, seasonal trends can be targeted via reaching out to blogs who serve such markets on a regular basis.


Now the idea of making sure your article idea gets accepted at such blogs is paramount so when you do reach out to them: DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure you understand the niche you are targeting and how your business links to it. This is important to identify because this is what you will mention in your email to the blog’s admin as you pitch your idea. Not only will this let you write the article on their blog but insert the link of your business as well.

The Writing Itself

This is the easy bit if you know what you are doing. But remember this is not you writing to your own blog, this is you writing a guest post to another business’s blog. So, even though your own article carries its own touch, adjust and make it fit into the persona of the blog and website you’re writing at. That does two things; it goes well with the blog you’ve written for, which further builds your reputation in their eyes. It also enhances and diversifies you as a writer, and we all know how in the blogging world that can come in handy.
So write aplenty, hunt for opportunities and expand your market. It’s 2017, and the blogging is endless. Happy hunting.

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