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How To Save The Batteries Of Your Two-Way Radios

Batteries Of Your Two-Way Radios

Electronic gadgets that rely on their battery supply for power tend to run out for battery at the most inconvenient of time. For many people, this just simply means finding the nearest outlet for a quick battery charge and they can be on their way. However, for those of us who enjoy motorcycle rides in the great open road, we know this isn’t always an option. In many instances, the next sign of civilization and an outlet is miles away and since it isn’t safe to ride with a dead two-way radio saving the batteries is the best option.

Here are a few easy and practical ways to extend the battery life of your handy Motorola radios:

1 – Keep It Cool

While it is near impossible to stay out of direct sunlight while cruising in your motorcycle, it is best to store your radio batteries in a cool place. Batteries tend to discharge faster when exposed to heat so keeping them in a container that can stay cool even when exposed to the sun will help from draining the batteries too much.

2 – Reduce Volume

The lower the volume of the Motorola radios, the less energy it consumes. To ensure you don’t drain all of the battery’s life keep the volume down to a level where only you can hear it privately.

3 – Choose The Right Accessories

Speaking of volume, using a loudspeaker for your radio can quickly drain it of its stored battery life. Instead of using speakers opt for an earpiece instead. This makes it easier to communicate with others while staying in complete control of your motorcycle while at the same time saving on battery life. Earpieces are more efficient when on the road, always keep that in mind.

4 – Time For An Upgrade

Digital radios may not be as high-tech and advanced as smartphones, but they are the next best thing when compared to the old school analog radios. The digital models tend to have longer battery lives than their analog older siblings so it might be in your best interest to get an upgrade soon.

5 – Keep Conversations Short

A two-way radio should only be used to update other riders in your group when necessary. Never use the device to share long stories with your buddies as you drive because it is distracting and is also draining your radio’s battery. Long conversations will heat up the battery which makes it drain significantly faster. The next time you use the radio for communication, keep it short and to the point for maximum efficiency.

6 – Rotate Battery Use

Having one than one radio battery will help extend their life when used and their lifespan in general. Change the batteries and rotate their use to avoid overusing one battery which can cause it to weaken in a short time. A spare is always an asset, especially when there’s an emergency.

7 – Don’t Let It Fully Drain

Finally, as soon as the warning light appears telling you that the battery power is low, charge it as soon as possible. Preventing the battery from fully draining can help extend its life.

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