Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Instagram: Better Understand The Algorithm To Gain Visibility

While some social networks, like Facebook, are shunned by teens, Instagram is one of those users continue to use daily. And as proof, the social network has just exceeded one billion users, a community that continues to grow. Only, for some time, a black task appears in this superb scenery: the algorithm. Complicated to understand, your digital agency specializes in social media explains how to understand this algorithm better to gain visibility!

Main Points Frame the Algorithm of Instagram

v  The First is the Interest: that is to say that the algorithm displays publications that are likely to interest the user. To arrive at this point, it is based on previous interactions (I like, comment) and, potentially, on a vision algorithm to analyze the images.

v  The Second is Recency: Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes newer posts in news feeds.

v  Finally, the third and last main point taken into account by the algorithm are the relationships: the more interactions you have with an account, the more Instagram favors it and gives you its photos in priority.

If these main points are taken into account by the algorithm of Instagram, other factors, certainly less important, also influence it. For example, the frequency of use of the application comes into play. Indeed, the social network makes sure to display the best publications since the last use. Thus, the more accounts you follow, the easier it will be for the algorithm to present you with all the publications. But the more you open the app and the more likely you are to see all the posts in the accounts you follow. In addition, the time spent on the application is also taken into account.

Finally, the algorithm favors publications based on the user’s navigation. Indeed, if a user prefers photos to videos, then they will be favored in the newsfeed.

Understand the Algorithm for More Visibility

The algorithm change has affected many accounts. So whether you’re an individual, a business or an influencer, this change has necessarily affected you in any way. Faced with this consecutive decline in commitment, it becomes necessary to understand how the algorithm works to develop its visibility and acquire more. For that, it’s important to stay creative, work with the right hashtags, interact regularly and have a relevant feed. But most of all, think of taking Instagram as a friend, so the more you use it and the more you’ll get to know it.

The Commitment

When you post a new photo, only 10{bd28512c5801da312c6bf1c16b0d25f5d66f0d7070aef3916dff14b8886ce88d} of your audience sees your photo! We aren’t going to lie to each other. And then, as your audience reacts, your photo is broadcast to more people. Thus, it is the interactions (like, comment, sharing) that will allow your photo to be seen by more users. The formula “before receiving, you have to know how to give” applies perfectly to Instagram. You can buy Instagram likes cheap as the will impact on your commitment, also rely on a human. Love, share and share, this will have also havea real impact on your commitment.

Love, share and comment to improve your commitment.