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Know The Importance And Benefits Of Data Management System

Document Management System

Several surveys have revealed that most of the companies lose up to billions of rupees due to ineffective data management system. Normally an employee in large organizations ends up spending a major chunk of his valuable time in searching for documents. In contrast, smaller organizations which are already operating on a relatively smaller number of employees as compared to large companies cannot afford to waste so many dollars on each employee behind data searching.

That’s where Microsoft’s Document Management System comes very handy. Document management system is nothing but a set of computer programs that store, track and locate electronic documents, images of paper documents within a computer. It also helps in tracking the different versions of a document that are modified by multiple users. The need for management document came up in order to meet the need for storing the increasing plethora of data being generating within an organization on a frequent basis.

At the ground level, Data Management System’s main task is to create folders in which all the word documents, excel sheets, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations can be easily stored, retrieved and replaced. It can be well said that Microsoft with its introduction of MS Office, Excel and PowerPoint has made life so much simpler for everyone in terms of data creation, storage and retrieval that it’s impossible to even imagine our life without these applications. The security aspect of this software is satisfying as it helps in the destruction of document and the storage of the necessary ones. It also saves the tampering of the important data from the threats so you could heave a sigh of relief. If you have DMS, you will not have problems like losing the documents or having to spend a hard day at work for managing the paper. This software is the answer to your prayers.

Overall Merits of Data Management System  

  • Each program in the suite is very powerful, and contains advanced features for formatting and data management.
  • DMS is a standard set of applications used by many organizations, so files can be opened by users in those other school districts and other organizations.
  • File size is only limited by the amount of drive storage space available on the individual user’s computer, or other storage medium. Any size is possible with possible hardware extension.

Demerits of Google Docs over DMS

Google Docs:

  • Google docs need the Internet access as it runs on web browser. Hence, not currently available offline.
  • Does not have some of the advanced functions of DMS and devoid of the features like mail merging and advanced printing facility.
  • Formatting seems to be very daunting unlike DMS, especially placing images.
  • No direct print function and hence documents need to be downloaded as PDF to print locally.
  • Does not have a large database, unlike DMS. File size is restricted and combined in accordance with Gmail. Hence large size files used for 3D cannot be stored, which is mandatory for structural and design engineers.