Sunday, July 12, 2020
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The Many Benefits of Hyper Convergence


If you have been asking yourself ‘what is hyper convergence?’ after hearing it being mentioned in relation to virtual storage, integration, and networking, then read on for more information. Hyper convergence is a system that integrates your storage, resources for virtualization, networking, and other types of technology, in a hardware box that is provided by one vendor. Hyper convergence allows for an easier management of technologies and can easily be expanded, when necessary, by the addition of base unit nodes. The most common reasons people use hyper convergence is for virtual workloads.

The concept of hyper convergence came from the converged infrastructure. This is where one vendor will offer customers bundles that have been pre-configured in a single chassis. The goal is to minimize any issues with compatibility and make managing the infrastructure easier. With converged infrastructures, you are able to separate the parts so that they can be used separately. With hyper convergence, it is all integrated so they cannot be broken down in the same way.

Benefits of hyper convergence?

Ease of use

The first step in deploying an infrastructure that was highly available, you would first need to purchase the servers, install the software to virtualize it, and then configure and manage the tools. After that, you would need to buy and install a SAN or NAS and then network them all. This can be extremely expensive and there is an on-going expense to manage the complexities.

With hyper convergence, you don’t have to worry about the mass of layers as they are all bundled into one. All you have to do as an administrator is install the virtual machines, applications, and any additional data onto the cluster. You don’t have to worry about purchasing servers or managing them as hyper convergence is able to handle every function in one platform cluster. All of the components are integrated to give you one platform that is available consistently, can be scaled to suit needs, and also runs applications.


Since each node is integrated to create one cluster, it’s simple to add more power, or take it away, which is great news for people that have fluctuating business from season to season or grows quickly.

Hyper convergence was built originally to help organizations that didn’t have the amount of IT staff, as say, an IT firm or bigger organization. It’s a great solution over hiring additional staff that you may only need from time to time without having to cover costs on the payroll for the upkeep. Instead, they can be managed and deployed easily by the IT administrators, which allows them to focus the majority of their time on the business needs over issues with hardware and infrastructure. It’s a great solution for main offices as well, as those that work remotely can work with all types of environments, without a huge outlay and minimal fuss and upkeep.