Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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What to Look for In a Good Hosting Company

What to Look for In a Good Hosting Company

If you have a new business and have had a great website and logo built, what is the next step you must take? You need to find a web hosting company that will not charge you too much a month to host your website.

Perfect web hosting

This means that you need to find web hosting with cheap dedicated servers where you have the entire server dedicated to your website’s needs only. Generally, dedicated servers are not exactly reasonable – since you will get an entire machine with lots of bandwidth, lots of storage space as well as lots of power for computing.

Monthly cost

Trends in this industry have made web hosting cheaper per month and they include:

  • Recycling old servers;
  • Competitions with hyperscale cloud providers;
  • Extra capacity of data centers.

That has led to monthly prices falling to the extent where some dedicated servers are actually very cheap.

A good example

Simply Hosting is part of the Dada group which is one of the largest web hosting companies in Europe. This hosting site is in the United Kingdom and has manage to have some of the “cheapest dedicated server” prices in the entire world. Also, there is no setup fees and there is a remarkable backend infrastructure to back up its offer.

Cheapest offer

This company’s cheapest offer is a dedicated server that costs about $10 for the first six months and $40 afterwards, or about $300 for the 1st year which makes it about $25 per month – plus no skimping on the hardware. This deal includes:

  • 4-core Skylake Xeon CPUS at 3GHz;
  • Housed in a Dell PowerEdge T130;
  • 4 Gb of ram;
  • 1 Tb hard disk drive;
  • 10Tb bandwidth;
  • Choice of 5 operating systems.

What to look for

Why do I write about this here? I don’t expect you to go to UK to host your website. But this is an example of what you should be looking for when hunting for a good company to host your business website.