Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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When Baby Products Aren’t Safe

Recently there has been a case in the news where a baby has suffered from second-degree burns to her face due to Banana Boat’s Kids SPF 50+ sunscreen. When situations like this happy, the company often loses consumers especially those worried parents with babies and will no longer buy this product even though maybe it could have just been an allergic reaction to this product. Luckily the best online reputation management companies team is there to help Banana Boat with their online reputation. The company has also not responded in the correct way to the mother of the 14-month-old baby that suffered from this second-degree burn to her face. All they said was they include an offer for a refund and paid postage box to send the product back. This is an unacceptable answer for the mother since they had to get a prescription for a steroid and antihistamine cream to keep the swelling down.

On social media, specifically on Facebook, Cannon’s story had received close to 10,000 shares and 850 comments since the incident, therefore, most parents will not buy from Banana Boat even though the product claims to be the ‘perfect sunscreen’. This is the first time where an incident like this has happened for Banana Boat and they are concerned when any person encounters a reaction to their products. The company explained to CBC News that are of Banana Boat’s products undergo rigorous testing and meet all relevant Health Canada regulations. The woman had explained that other kids use the sunscreen including her three-year-old nephew but for some reason on this day, her daughter was the only one that got a second-degree burn from using this product. They ended up consulting their doctor after this incident and he had explained that this sunscreen caused severe allergic reactions to some babies but there has never been a case of a bad burn like Cannon’s.

At a famous company called Costso, they had these baby onesie that got recalled due to the button falling off of it. When it comes to clothing defects like this