Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Why Use a Mobile Form Design?

As technology has improved in recent years, it has become more and more challenging for businesses to keep up with the demands of their consumers. Prospective customers are demanding more from businesses at a faster pace than ever before. The businesses that will survive in the Innovation Age are those that are best able to adapt their current business model to meet these ever-increasing demands. One of the ways that businesses can adapt their models to meet these demands is to improve their efficiency. Anyone who has ever held a job understands that the amount of paperwork that needs to be completed in a given day is inordinate. This represents a major time-sink for almost every company and finding ways to reduce the amount of paperwork or make it more efficient has been a high priority. One of the newer innovations on the market is a mobile form design. Why are so many corporations taking this route when it comes to paperwork?

Forms Filled out Using Mobile Devices are more Time-Efficient

In a given work day, there is a significant amount of lost time. This could be time that is spent waiting for meetings to start. Perhaps this is time that is spent in transit. Other times, it is the computer systems at work going down. One of the ways that this time could be used more productively is if people could use their forms to carry out some of this work. Forms that are filled out on mobile devices are significantly more efficient because it gives employees leeway to use their mobile devices for work. These are devices that they are intimately familiar with, allowing them too quickly and efficiently fill out forms when they aren’t doing anything else.

A Mobile Form Improves the Ability to Collect Data

One of the problems with filling out paperwork is at much of the information needs to be tediously transcribed into a larger database before it can be analyzed. Moving these forms over one by one takes countless hours and can be a major source of lost revenue for businesses because, after all, time is money. When people fill out forms on their mobile devices, this information is stored electronically. This means that companies can easily move data over into an electronic database, saving a large amount of time.

Forms Filled Out on Mobile Devices are Easily Distributed

While email is fast, mobile forms can be sent out using text messages which are even faster. Companies have all of their employees’ contact information on file and can rapidly send out forms via text message. Then, employees can avoid having to log in to their email, downloading an attachment, and opening it up on their computer. A single click on the phone can open up the form, giving them easy access to this form regardless of where they’re at.