Internet memes have a remarkable ability to transcend their digital origins and make their mark in various forms of popular culture. The “Crying Cat” meme, with its emotive feline image, is no exception. In this article, we’ll explore how the “Crying Cat” meme has made appearances in movies, comics, and other elements of pop culture.

1. Television and Movies:

The “Crying Cat” meme has made its way into television and film in various forms:

  • Animated Shows: Cartoons and animated series often incorporate internet memes for humor. The “Crying Cat” has been featured in popular animated shows to exaggerate characters’ emotions or reactions.
  • Talk Shows: Hosts of talk shows occasionally reference memes as part of their humor or discussions, with the “Crying Cat” making appearances as a visual aid to emphasize emotional moments.

2. Comics and Graphic Novels:

Comics and graphic novels are a fertile ground for meme references:

  • Comic Strips: Some comic strips, especially those with a modern and internet-savvy twist, have included the “Crying Cat” meme as part of their storylines.
  • Cameo Appearances: Graphic novels or comics might incorporate memes like “Crying Cat” into the background or as part of the narrative, adding a layer of humor or commentary.

3. Merchandise:

The popularity of the “Crying Cat” meme has resulted in the production of various merchandise, including:

  • T-Shirts: Shirts featuring the “Crying Cat” image with humorous captions are available, allowing fans to wear their favorite meme.
  • Stickers and Collectibles: Stickers, keychains, and collectible items featuring the “Crying Cat” are created for fans who want to showcase their appreciation for the meme.

4. Internet Art and Fan Creations:

Digital artists and fan communities regularly incorporate the “Crying Cat” into their artwork:

  • Digital Art: Artists reimagine the “Crying Cat” in their unique styles, creating digital art that showcases the meme in various contexts and emotions.
  • Fan Comics: Fan communities create comics that use the “Crying Cat” to humorously represent situations or emotions familiar to the group.

5. Memetic References in Music:

Some musicians and songwriters have woven internet memes into their lyrics or music videos, and the “Crying Cat” is no exception. It may be referenced to emphasize the emotional depth of a song or convey humor.


The “Crying Cat” meme has managed to leave a significant footprint in pop culture. Its versatility in conveying emotions and humor has made it a sought-after element for creators across various media. From television shows to comic strips, merchandise to fan art, this meme has found its way into the hearts of both internet culture enthusiasts and a wider audience, demonstrating the enduring impact of internet memes on our broader popular culture.

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